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Monbento Genius Smart Black Onyx 0.500L

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Model: 1343
Brand: Monbento
Monbento Genius Smart Black Onyx 0.500LThe Monbento smart bottle may b.... View More
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Monbento Genius Smart Black Onyx 0.500L

The Monbento smart bottle may be in your bag or on your desk, the bottle shows the temperature of your favorite drinks before you even enjoy it • Reusable smart insulated durable and time-resistant stainless steel • Smart lid with sensors to show the level of heat / cold and the exact temperature (°C) of your drink • Safe Beverage bottles free of unhealthy materials made of high quality materials and are food safe • tight • isolated • BPA Free* • food grade • Temperature in Celsius Product Dimensions: Width 7 x Length 7 x Height 23.5 cm / Width 2.8 x Length 2.8 x Height 9.3 inches Capacity: 0.5 liters / 17 oz Weight: 290g / 0.64lb The color of the Monbento logo changes depending on the temperature of your drink: Blue: 1°C to 31°C - 34°F to 88°F Green: 32 to 60°C - 89 to 140°F Red: 60°C or more - 141°F and more.

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