Momax Selfie Stable3 KM16 Gimbal Tripod Portable

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Model: 13563
Brand: Momax
Momax Selfie Stable3 KM16  Gimbal Tripod Portable Mini gimbal stabiliz.... View More
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Momax Selfie Stable3 KM16  Gimbal Tripod Portable 

Mini gimbal stabilizer, selfie stick tripod is professional anti-shake, one-button control, foldable portable wireless remote control 6-axis acceleration gyroscope sensor, flight control stabilization algorithm, automatic level lock, the animation surface of the handle is still smooth and smooth Shortcut menu, one-key automatic switching of horizontal and vertical screens, novices can also control freely, immediately start shooting beautiful Folding invisible tripod, 180-degree rotating pan/tilt, five-speed stretched selfie stick, you can shoot whatever you want Magnetic anti-lost detachable wireless remote control, 10m long-distance remote control, easy to take group photos and group photos One-piece folding selfie tripod, light, and portable, no pressure to carry out The new universal cold shoe port can be connected to suitable live broadcast accessories, such as fill light and microphone, to meet the needs of more usage scenarios Long battery life: Built-in 900mAh high-capacity battery, can continue to shoot steadily for 6 hours Self-locking structure design: horizontal screen can be locked, unlocked to the left, and locked to the right Come with a big clip, big-screen mobile phone is available. 57-103mm large clip phone holder, compatible with most mobile phones on the market The selfie stick tripod is equipped with a silicone protective pad, which is non-slip and scratch-resistant, and will take care of your device in all directions

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