Grip2u SLIM Case for Samsung Galaxy S10e – Charcoal

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Model: 12090
Brand: Grip2u
Grip2u SLIM Case for Samsung Galaxy S10e – CharcoalLighter th.... View More
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Grip2u SLIM Case for Samsung Galaxy S10e – Charcoal

Lighter than a Feather. The SLIM snap-on case provides ultra-thin seamless protection for your phone with built-in Prevent The Drop® grip design. Wireless compatible, the SLIM is the perfect case for those who love to celebrate the slim shape of their smartphone. PREVENT THE DROP: We’ve added some serious drop prevention technology to our cases. Now you can maximize the potential of your device without risking costly damages and repairs. Keeping a hold of your phone has never been easier. Become part of the grip movement and prevent the drop today! SLIM DESIGN: This is the sleekest, thinnest and lightest case we’ve ever made! Keep the natural slim feel of your phone while adding a solid layer of hard plastic protection. CHANGEABLE BANDS: Customize your case and show your true colors by swapping out your bands. Make your case match your outfit. Rock your favorite sports team’s colors. Or just be the most unique version of you. The choice is yours! WIRELESS CHARGING: All of our cases are now wireless charging compatible. Utilize your devices wireless charging capabilities and don’t settle for the trickle charge. We’ve engineered our cases to maximize your charging speeds and keep you powered up all the time. DROP TESTED: We put our cases through rigorous drop tests to make sure they can withstand the unexpected drop. While we specialize in preventing the drop, we understand that stuff happens. No need to worry. We’ve done our homework and your case has been thoroughly drop tested in a laboratory environment.

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