EufyCam Solar Panel Charger

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Model: 11988
Brand: Eufy
EufyCam Solar Panel ChargerSolar Power Solar Power High Power Solar Po.... View More
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EufyCam Solar Panel Charger

Solar Power Solar Power High Power Solar Power 2.6 Watts, Only Hours of Direct Sunlight Every Day The Camera Will Stay Charged Round the Clock Easy access to the bets that are informed from the number (4 meters) IP65 weatherproof to withstand extreme weather conditions.

* The 2.6W high-efficiency solar panel

* The 360-degree

* The 13ft (4m) cable

* IP65 Weatherproof

Provide continuous charging for eufyCam, eufyCam E, eufyCam 2, eufyCam 2 Pro, eufyCam 2C, eufyCam 2C Pro

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