EufyCam 2 Pro Add-On Camera

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Model: 11989
Brand: Eufy
EufyCam 2 Pro Add-On CameraProtects you, your family and your privacy .... View More
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EufyCam 2 Pro Add-On Camera

Protects you, your family and your privacy Every eufy Security product is designed to ensure that your security data is kept private. Rest assured that you will have a secure record of everything that happens around your home."

* Smart Image Enhancement

* Turn Night into Day

* The Alerts that Matter

* Smart Detection Zones

* Military-Grade Encryption

* Real-Time Response

* Smart Integration

* 2K Resolution

* 365 Days Security from 1 Charge

* Charging Time 5 hours

* Looking forward to 10 metres

*  IP67 weatherproof-rating

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