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    (اي تي سكينز هايبردتيك مضاد للميكروبات ايفون 2020 6.1 (اسود وشفاف

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    Crossed optical grade carbon textured acrylic armour with the impact-cushioning polymer IMPACTHANE. Moulded with our HEXO-TEK™ XTRA air pocket technology you get 3 Meter / 10 Feet drop protection. In case the boundaries bite back. The innovative construction of HYBRID // TEK is highlighted in the carbon textured polycarbonate backing. HYBRID // TEK incorporates our Air Pocket Technology meaning all Impacts / Drops / Knocks are dispersed through the sides, corners and ends of the case, making the Phone truly Drop Safe. The Rugged Grip ensures that your phone stays where it belongs - in your hand.
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